The settle shares with the chest and the chair the distinction of great antiquity. Its high back was protection from the drafts of medieval buildings. Protection was sometimes increased by the addition of winged ends or a wooden canopy. It was usually placed near the fire in the common sitting-room. Constructed of oak or other hardwood, it was solid and durable used in farmhouse kitchens or manorial halls.

Heart of Massachusetts Settle

48"W X 34"D X 48"H
Seat: 40"W X 23"D X 20"H
Shown In: Little Bit Black Mustard 2004

Center Inn Gent Settle

56"W X 28"D X 48"H
Seat: 41"W X 20"D X 20"H
Shown In: Willow Tree Black Mustard 2063

C. Barrel Settle

46"W X 23"D X 45"H
Seat: 36"W X 19"D X 18"H
Shown In: Flame 4001

Jacobean Settle

46"W X 28"D X 49"H
Seat: 42"W X 17"D X 19"H
Shown In: Otto Multi Color 2035

Little Bit of Country Settle

44"W X 25"D X 47"H
Shown In: Customer???s Own Material

Public House Settle

56"W X 32"D X 53"H
Seat: 44"W X 20"D X 19"H
Shown In: Otto 2035

Hearth-side Footstool

25"W X 20"D X 18"H
Shown In: Customer???s Own Material

Boston Arm Footstool

28"W X 18"D X 18"H
Shown In: Customer???s Own Material